What kind of research does Facts 'n Figures conduct?

Facts 'n Figures researches a wide variety products and services targeted to both consumers and professionals. Our commercial grade test kitchen permits us to test numerous food and beverage products. However, we conduct research on many other wide ranging products, services, and topics, including children’s toys, entertainment programming, political campaigns, mock juries, healthcare, and everything in between.

What does Facts 'n Figures do with my personal information?

Facts 'n Figures uses personal information to target the best candidates for each research project. Each study has different criteria based upon usage, demographics, etc. Respondents chosen are those who best match the needs of a particular study given the information in their database profiles. Accurate and truthful information leads to more opportunities to participate in research.

Facts 'n Figures keeps the personal information of its members strictly confidential. We never ask for Social Security numbers, banking details, or any other secure information; no market research company ever should. None of your information will be provided or sold to any third party. The most a client will know is your first name and the first initial of your last name. If for some reason a client needs more information about you, such as a phone number, or needs to contact you directly, Facts 'n Figures will first seek your permission before ever providing it.

How long does a research project last?

The length of research can vary considerably. A taste test can be as short as half an hour, whereas a focus group can take as long as two and a half hours. Occasionally, projects occur over the course of several days, while others require participants to take a product outside our facility to test.

How much does a research project pay?

The honorarium given to participants depends upon the length and specifications of the research. A thirty minute soda taste test will, for example, offer a much smaller incentive than a two hour focus group for luxury car owners. In general, however, honorariums can offer anywhere from $25 to $200 and beyond.

When and how will I receive payment for completing a study?

Payments or as we call them, "incentives" are normally paid via check and made out to CASH. If these are lost or stolen, they cannot be replaced. In-Person studies receive their incentive payment, via check, at the end of the session unless otherwise notified.

How do I sign up to take studies?

You can sign up to participate on this website. Once you have registered, please log back in as soon as possible to complete the rest of your profile. The initial registration, where you receive your login, is only the beginning of the process. Keeping your information up-to-date and inputting additional information such as demographics and other categories of information we provide, helps us target individuals for studies more effectively.

Where can I find available studies?

Facts 'n Figures Inc will send survey invitations when studies are available that match your profile information. This is why it is important to have a complete profile. We do not take phone inquiries.

How do you determine eligibility?

Facts 'n Figures has an extensive screening process to find the most qualified participants for each study. The process begins with a "screener" survey, where we ask basic questions to determine your eligibility. These screener surveys are not paid. If your answers to the screener survey determine you to be an eligible candidate, a recruiter from Facts 'n Figures will call you to ask you another short series of questions. These questions will determine your eligibility for this particular study.

If you are accepted to participate, you will be given the date, time, and location of the study. Participants are expected to show up on-time and actively participate in the study discussion. After your study ends, you will receive your incentive payment. If you show up late to a study or without proper ID, you may not be used or paid.

How do you determine eligibility?

In general but not always, you can participate in research once every three to six months. Most projects have a past participation requirement, which varies from client to client. This keeps your opinions as unbiased and fresh as possible. If the survey you receive asks about your past participation, please read the question carefully and answer it truthfully. Ultimately, the project recruiter will determine your eligibility.

Why can't I change my answers or complete a survey I started?

Unfortunately, at times respondents attempt to change answers when they do not initially qualify for a study. In order to maintain accuracy, quality and integrity, the first answer you give is the one that we take.

Why am I not receiving surveys? Why are you not calling me?

First, you must be registered in our database. If you are registered, has your email address or telephone number changed since you became an OpinioNation member? This information must be up-to-date in order for us to be able to contact you. If your profile information is current, please check your junk mail or spam folder. Notifications of upcoming research projects are emailed by a survey creation company called SurveyMonkey. Please add any email from SurveyMonkey to your safe contact list so that future emails arrive in your inbox. If you are still not receiving surveys, please contact our office at (818) 986-5337, and we will help you determine the cause of the issue.

I qualified for a study, but I've been placed on hold OR I was recruited and attended a study, but I was paid and sent...Why?

Occasionally, more participants than needed for an individual study will be recruited by Facts 'n Figures. We call these participants "on-hold or stand-bys." Participants placed on hold are those individuals that meet the criteria for the study, and will be called in the event another individual suddenly drops out. Being and on hold candidate does not guarantee payment. Only successful completion of a study guarantees payment.

Paid and Sent: Facts 'n Figures Inc. tends to recruit extras in case of last minute cancellations or so the client has a "participant pool" from which they can choose whose demographics and buying patterns meet their research criteria. If you confirmed, rescreened, qualified, were on time and were not chosen, you will be paid for your time and your name will be released back into the database for consideration in other studies.

If you were on hold and voluntarily show up without an invitation or show up without going through the formal screening process, you will not be used and you will not be paid.

How do I edit my database profile?

You can edit your database profile at any time to include more information about yourself, such as your personal preferences and interests. Simply go to www.cash4youropinion.com. Click on the “Login” link. You will be asked to enter your email address. Please use the email address you listed in your profile when you joined the Fact 'n Figures database. Then, enter the password you received in an email from [email protected] after you joined. Once you have accessed your profile, you select the tab on the left side of the page that you wish to update. (Note: If you are having issues with your password, contact us at (818) 986-5337)

Why is it saying "Session Timed Out" when I log into update my profile?

Make sure that your web browser is updated. Most issues occur when using Internet Explorer especially versions older than IE 10. Google Chrome and Firefox tend to work better. Also clearing browser cookies, temporary internet files, etc. helps in some situations. If you are still experiencing issues, please call us.

Will I have to give you my credit card information?

No, registering is free! There may be studies that inquire about your credit cards, such as the bank you use or purchasing habits, but you will NEVER be asked to provide us with your credit card number or to make a purchase from us. No attempts will ever be made to sell you anything.

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, login to your account on cash4youropinion.com to view your settings. In the "Profile" section, choose "Status" and follow the prompts or contacts Facts 'n Figures Inc. via phone for one of the staff members to assist you.